Testing, Consulting and Certifying Services

InterMedService S.a.r.l., Switzerland provides different analytical research, consulting, and testing services to support food and pharmaceutical industries developing and manufacturing new foods, food supplements, medical devices, and related healthcare products.

Our scope of activities:

  • Consulting and Product Testing Services
  • Quality and Manufacture Testing
  • Laboratory and Clinic Analyses
  • Scientific, Regulatory and Legal Evaluation
  • Medical Device Testing, Analyses and Certification
  • Pharmaceutical Testing, Analyses and Certification
  • Food and Healthcare Testing, Analyses and Certification
  • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Bioanalytical Services
  • Consumer Healthcare Trials
  • Pharmaceutical Consulting
  • Scientific Support Service
  • Labelling Evaluation and Consulting
  • Health Claims and Clinical Trials
  • Food Physical Safety Analysis
  • Ingredient Evaluation

InterMedService S.a.r.l., Switzerland is a provider of analysis and testing services to the global food and pharmaceutical industry for comprehensive food safety and quality strategies and to obtain compliance with local, national and international regulations.

InterMedService S.a.r.l., Switzerland works with hundreds of laboratories all over the world, including food-testing laboratories in Switzerland, the EU, USA, China, Vietnam, which use the advanced methods and technology of the top quality and efficiency providing accurate test results in compliance with national and international requirements.